Our Charter

The History Council of Western Australia is an association dedicated to promoting the study, preservation and use of history in Western Australia. It regards an active engagement with history as essential to the well-being of contemporary society; recognises Western Australian history as enriched by diversity; and acknowledges that Western Australian people are custodians of their own history.

A broad range of groups within our society use history every day. The Council encourages the widest possible access to historical ideas and discussion of historical questions and controversies. In promoting an ethical approach to the use of the past, the Council upholds high standards of historical research, interpretation and publication.

Historical understanding is essential for decision making. The Council works to ensure the appointment of historians at all levels of government and their representation on government and other boards and committees. Areas of special concern include education, heritage, the environment, urban and regional planning and development, the arts and indigenous and multicultural affairs.

History is neglected to society’s detriment. As the peak body representing history in Western Australia, the Council pledges to advance the practice and place of history at all levels and in all settings and to advocate historical interests on behalf of the whole community.