Review of Heritage Act, 2011

The Advocacy position of the History Council is:

  • new legislation is required that takes a holistic approach to heritage, including indigenous, built, archaeological, and environmental heritage
  • there should be increased incentives for property owners to conserve heritage properties and increased financial penalties for property owners who damage heritage properties
  • there should be increased public education to improve the public’s understanding about the value of heritage, both material and spiritual, to the community
  • heritage and conservation issues should be integrated into the curriculum of architectural schools in WA universities

The Heritage Council of WA is undertaking a review of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 and is now in the second stage of the consultation process. This stage is critical as the proposals contained in this discussion paper will inform the drafting of the new Act.

The History Council has posted their comments on the online survey. 11.11.28 Review of the Heritage Act

You can also have your say by completing the online survey here or by making a submission directly to the Office of Heritage. Please note that the closing date for submissions is Friday 2 December 2011.