Professional Learning Seminars on the Australian Curriculum History

For primary and secondary school history teachers

Drawing on the expertise of the Faculty’s History Discipline Group, The University of Western Australia is holding seminars to assist primary and secondary school teachers with their implementation of the Australian Curriculum: History. The seminars will be held after school during February 2012.



The following topics are the first in the seminar series however, depending teacher needs and demands the second series can be tailored to the teachers requirements. Although the topics focus on a particular year level curriculum, the content is also suitable for other year level teachers.

Topic 1: Monday 6 February 2012: Medieval Europe (Year 8): Winthrop Prof Sue Broomhall
Topic 2: Tuesday 7 February 2012: Australia as a Nation (Year 6): Assoc Prof Jeremy Martens
Topic 3: Monday 13 February 2012: Investigating the Ancient Past (Year 7): Prof Alistair Paterson
Topic 4: Tuesday 14 February 2012: Community and Remembrance (Year 3): Dr Cindy Lane.


Each seminar will be two hours long from 4pm – 6pm. Cost is $50.00 per seminar.


There will no assessment but teachers will receive a certificate of attendance of the seminar which will count towards the year professional development requirements.

Further information and registration

Please email for general queries and to register your interest so we can email you once venues have been finalised.

For more information and to enroll in a seminar please visit: