Annual Lectures

Each year, the History Council of Western Australia presents a public lecture that shares fresh thinking and new evidence on an historical topic.

Previous Lectures in this annual series

2004 Professor Geoffrey Bolton, ‘The Next Assignment’
2005 Panel discussing ‘The Next Assignment’
2006 Professor Richard Bosworth, ‘Doing Europe from Australia: an idiosyncratic historian’s journey’
2007 Governor John Sanderson, ‘Role of the Military in Indigenous Affairs’
2008 Kim Beazley, ‘The influence of good history studies on a career in public life’
2009 Professor Ed Jaggard, on ‘Beyond the Flags: Surf Lifesaving and History’
2010 Forum discussing ‘Making the most of the Boom: Arts, Heritage and History in Western Australia’
2011 Jim Cameron, ‘The Great Land Grab of 1837’
2012 Professor Philippa Maddern, ‘”The Past Is Not What It Used To Be”: the future of Western Australian History’
2013 Associate Professor Charlie Fox, ‘Writing Radical Perth: a hidden history’
2014 Professor Peter Veth, ‘Evidence in Australian Rock Art’
2015 Michael McCarthy, ‘Finding HMAS Sydney’
2016 Professor Jane Lydon, ‘Humanitarians in Western Australia’
2017 Professor Ann Curthoys and Dr Shino Konishi, ‘Reflections on the 1967 Referendum’