History Council Events 2012

— Unveiled – exhibition and sundowner, 18 December 2012–

Please join us for a special exhibition showing of Unveiled at the Museum of Western Australia, Perth Cultural Centre from 5pm–6pm on Tuesday 18 December 2012.

After the showing, please join us for a “wedding breakfast” in the Beaufort Courtyard (adjacent to Unveiled exhibition space) provided by Muse Café. The after show party will be from about 6pm to 7.30pm.

The cost of the event is $35.00 per head. This includes the exhibition, finger food and a welcome drink. Subsequent drinks to be paid for individually.

Please frock up!

— WACA tour and Sundowner, 20 November 2012 —

A special opportunity for History Council members to have a private tour of the hallowed WACA ground before it is closed to the public for the Test series. The tour of the grounds and the museum will take about one and a half hours.

After the tour, we will catch the CAT bus to the Grosvenor Hotel for a Sundowner. Tasty platters comprising a mixed variety of food (including vegetarian options) and a drink from the bar are included in the price.

The tour of the WACA ground, museum and Sundowner will cost $25.00 per head. The event will be ticketed. Numbers are limited. Register your interest to office@historycouncilwa.org.au asap to reserve a place.

— History Council AGM Lecture, 1 August 2012 —

The History Council Council AGM was held at 5pm on Wednesday 1 August 2012 in the main hall of the Constitutional Centre of Western Australia in Havelock Street, West Perth.

At 5.45pm, Winthrop Professor Philippa Maddern presented a free public lecture entitled ‘The Past Is Not What It Used To Be’: the future of Western Australian History.

The comedian Flacco was joking when he said ‘the past is not what it used to be’; but his words raise important issues for historians. Each generation of historians writes history a different way—finding new sources, attacking new problems, asking new questions. The result is that the history of WA that we write in the future will literally not be the same as what was written in the past. In this paper, I will reflect on the presentations of Australian and WA history at the recent Australian Historical Association Conference, particularly its exciting ‘History of Emotions’ stream, to give a vision of what the history of Western Australia might look like in the future. What topics will we study? What new insights will enlighten our research? What will this new history be?

The text and Powerpoint for this fascinating address is posted on our website for the interest of our members by kind permission of Withrop Professor Philippa Maddern:

120801 History Council of WA AGM address

120801 HCWA talk

About the speaker

Philippa Maddern was born in Albury, NSW and grew up in a series of country towns in Victoria. She majored in British History and Indonesian Studies at the University of Melbourne, took her doctorate in medieval British History at Oxford, and came to Perth in 1989 to teach medieval history at the University of Western Australia. She is currently Director of the $24m ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions in Europe, 1100-1800. Her own research focuses on the socio-cultural history of late-medieval England, particularly the fields of family and gender history, history of childhood, and history of emotions, but she has also published on the long history of women’s citizenship in Australia. Her books include Violence and Social Order: East Anglia 1422-1442, and (with Prof Trish Crawford) Women as Australian Citizens: Underlying Histories.

— History in the Pub, 4 October 2012 —

Upstairs Meeting Room, Inglewood Hotel
Cnr Fifth Ave and Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley 6050
(Car park behind the hotel)

DATE:       Thursday 4 October 2012
TIME:         5.30pm for 6pm
TOPIC:      Linking the past with the present for the future – Australian Policy and History
WITH:        Professor Marilyn Lake

Professor Marilyn Lake is visiting Perth for the History Teachers’ Association national conference and has kindly agreed to present a talk for the History Council while she is in Perth.

Professor Marilyn Lake is President of the Australian Historical Association. She is a founding member of the Australian Policy and History Advisory Board.

In this talk Professor Lake will give her view on the relations between history and policy and the state of history in Australia today.

Why not join us for a convivial drink before or after the lecture, or stay for dinner?

 Introduced by Dr Lise Summers, President, History Council of Western Australia

— History in the Pub, 29 July 2012 —

At: Sail & Anchor Hotel, 64 South Terrace, Fremantle from 12 noon.
Topic: 110O in the water bag. Work and Leisure in Leonora, Gwalia and the Northern Goldfields
With: Lenore Layman & Criena Fitzgerald
Cost: $5 per head in the Honesty Jar 
RSVP: office@historycouncilwa.org.au

12.07.29 HIP A4 flyer Sail&Anchor

During this casual presentation Lenore and Criena will share stories uncovered in the research of their book providing a multiplicity of perspectives including Aboriginal people; gold prospectors; pastoralists; Afghan cameleers; and  the women and children who followed their menfolk to the West Australian gold fields.

The book can be bought from most bookshops. If the book proves not to be readily available, the authors advise that people try the WA Museum shop, the State Library of Western Australia bookshop or order online from the WA Museum website.

Drinks will be available for purchase at the Green Bar.  And why not stay for lunch afterwards?

Introduced by Dr Lise Summers, President, History Council of Western Australia

The Sail and Anchor Hotel is closely associated with the rapid economic development surrounding the gold boom at the turn-of-the-century, when buildings in both Perth and Fremantle were redeveloped or rebuilt to meet the requirements of a burgeoning population.