Arts and Culture Forum 2009

The History Council of Western Australia in association with the Royal Western Australian Historical Society and the Professional Historians Association (WA) Inc and representing a broad range of groups, individuals and supporters are concerned that the key place of Indigenous and non Indigenous culture and the arts, history and heritage in WA is not receiving due recognition. To this end a public forum was held on Monday 19 October in the Perth Town Hall.

The Forum was called to reaffirm the principle that a vibrant, well funded and supported arts and heritage sector is vital for residents and visitors alike. Recent cuts to opening hours at the WA Museum and Art Gallery, the closure of the Fremantle History Museum, the suspension of the WA Premier’s Book Awards, the absence of a new storage facility for the State’s archives and budget cuts for Arts related agencies, are just a few of the recent decisions about which the WA community has expressed concern.

Over 180 concerned citizens attended to hear Peter Holland introduce a panel of speakers comprising Professor Geoffrey Bolton, Carol Innes and Professor Ted Snell and to chair a community forum.

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