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Annual Lectures

Each year, the History Council of Western Australia presents a public lecture that shares fresh thinking and new evidence on an historical topic.

Previous Lectures in this annual series

2004 - Professor Geoffrey Bolton, ‘The Next Assignment’
2005 - Panel discussing ‘The Next Assignment’
2006 - Professor Richard Bosworth, ‘Doing Europe from Australia: an idiosyncratic historian’s journey’
2007 - Governor John Sanderson, ‘Role of the Military in Indigenous Affairs’
2008 - Kim Beazley, ‘The influence of good history studies on a career in public life’
2009 - Professor Ed Jaggard, on ‘Beyond the Flags: Surf Lifesaving and History’
2010  - Forum discussing ‘Making the most of the Boom: Arts, Heritage and History in Western Australia’
2011 - Jim Cameron, ‘The Great Land Grab of 1837’
2012 - Professor Philippa Maddern, ‘”The Past Is Not What It Used To Be”: the future of Western Australian History’
2013  - Associate Professor Charlie Fox, ‘Writing Radical Perth: a hidden history’
2014  - Professor Peter Veth, ‘Evidence in Australian Rock Art’
2015  - Michael McCarthy, ‘Finding HMAS Sydney’
2016  - Professor Jane Lydon, ‘Humanitarians in Western Australia’
2017  - Professor Ann Curthoys and Dr Shino Konishi, ‘Reflections on the 1967 Referendum’

2018 - Alec Coles, 'The New Museum for WA: Whose museum, whose history?'