We are grateful to the State Library of Western Australia, the National Archive of Australia and the University of Western Australia for permission to reproduce the following images 

St George’s Terrace, c1950, Frank Hurley, National Library of Australia, obj-157579632

Bulong School Committee, 1899, J. J. Dwyer, State Library of WA 066939PD

Irwin River UWA Geology Camp, September 1928, UWA Geology Museum - geologist

The Soldiers’ Children’s Scholarship Trust Committee, Govt House, Perth, 1929, State Library of WA b4689930 2. Standing L-R:
A. Priestley, H. P. Colebatch (Minister for Education), Prof A. D. Ross, H. E.  Sir Francis Newdegate (Chairman), Lieut-Colonel C. Battye (Deputy Chairman), C. Ewing. Sitting: Ada Florence Manning, Mary Foster (Hon. Secretary), Alice Evans.

Model Homes Committee, 1934, State Library of WA 101958PD

Imperial Printing Co 100% returned soldiers, 1921, State Library of WA b2951726

WA Newspapers staff in front of Crabtree printing press, 1933, State Library of WA 095563

Demonstration of new vertical printing press Dix Print Co., c.1936, State Library of WA 303645PD

Christine Cobby mending books, Circulation Division, Library Board of WA, 1966, Ali Sharr, State Library of WA 007074d

Printing Press Operations, 1972, Stevenson, Kinder & Scott Corporate Photography, State Library of WA 360886PD

Newspaper boy 1920s

Boy Selling Daily News St George’s Terrace, 1981, Richard Woldendorp, State Library of WA 215408PD

Water Supply Union Demonstration against Australian National Registration Act, Hay St Perth, 1939, State Library of WA b1922119 1

May Day, Fremantle, 1958, Gilchrist Collection of Photographs, State Library of WA b3807780 2

May Day, Union of Australian Women Fremantle, 1963, State Library of WA b006835d

Anti-Vietnam March, Perth GPO, 2 April 1966, Gilchrist Collection of Photographs, State Library of WA, b3807793 6

Anti-Vietnam March, Perth, 15 August 1972, Gilchrist Collection of Photographs, State Library of WA b3814457 5

Women Mourn Assault on Democracy March, Hay St Mall, c.1970, Gilchrist Collection of Photographs, State Library of WA b3824170 5

May Day, 5 May 1972, Gilchrist Collection of Photographs, State Library of WA 380344PD

Education Funding Advocates, Newcastle St Northbridge, December 1973, Gilchrist Collection of Photographs, State Library of WA b3814815 2 -advocacy

Advertisement for Hoyts Prosperity Mammoth Movie Month of May, Capitol Theatre, 1932,

State Library of WA 10566PD

Audience at Hoyts Capitol Theatre, 1931, State Library of WA 101667PD

Tram Advertisement for Top Hat, Capitol Theatre 1936, State Library of WA b3419305 1

Audience at first community singing concert broadcast by 6WF, Perth Town Hall, 1936, State Library of WA 012557PD

Ol’55, Supreme Court Gardens, 18 December 1979, SLWA b3133162 2

Audience at Marcia Hines Concert, Gloucester Park, 21 January 1980, State Library of WA b3133287 5

Telephonist (believed to be Miss Penrose), Kalamunda Switchboard, 27 September 1937, PMG, National Archives of Australia 5559760