2019 Margaret Medcalf Award: Call for Nominations

Since 2003, 18 researchers and historians, creating works on various Western Australian subjects, have won the Margaret Medcalf Award. Recognizing excellence in referencing and research using State Archives held by the State Records Office of Western Australia (SRO), the award honours Miss Margaret Medcalf OAM, Western Australia’s second State Archivist, for her valuable contribution to the development of archives in Western Australia.

The winner receives a cash prize of $1000, or shares this prize if there is more than one winner. Works nominated must demonstrate accurate referencing and use of State archives.

Any work completed or published in 2018 is eligible to be submitted for nomination, and anyone, including the author of the work, may submit a nomination. Unlike book awards, nominated works need not be published, and may include student dissertations and theses. They may be fiction or non-fiction, and be presented in any media.

To submit a nominated work please complete a 2019 Margaret Medcalf Award Nomination Form and send it along with three copies of nominated works to the SRO at the address provided below. If published online please provide a web link. Completed nomination forms may also be emailed. One copy of nominated and winning works will be retained permanently by the SRO.  

The judging criteria for the Award are:

  • Level of use of the State Archives Collection;

  • Proficient and consistent use of referencing;

  • Level of contribution to knowledge (historical, cultural, heritage, etc.);

  • Original use of the State Archives Collection;

  • Presentation.

For further details, including more information about the judging criteria for the Award and the address for nominations, see http://www.sro.wa.gov.au/events/margaret-medcalf-award or contact Gerard Foley at the SRO by email gerard.foley@sro.wa.gov.au or by phone on (08) 9427 3641.

Jenny GREGORYSummer 2019