2019 Western Australian Heritage Awards

Nigel Oakey (CEO Dome) accepting his award. Photo, Helen Munt.

Nigel Oakey (CEO Dome) accepting his award. Photo, Helen Munt.

This year’s WA Heritage Awards on 29 March 2019 was a standout night not just for the worthy winners but in light of the many heart–felt and emotionally charged speeches made by the recipients. So too, the East Workshops at the Fremantle Prison proved an atmospheric and fitting venue for the evening and also brought out the lighter side of the Hon. David Templeman, Minister for Local Government, Heritage; Culture and the Arts, who diverted us with reminiscences of his thespian days, having once performed in the Workshops.

Dominating this year’s awards was the old Katanning Premier Flour Mill which has been renovated and adapted by Dome into the Premier Mill Hotel, the first ever Dome coffee shop to include boutique accommodation. This successful and unique venture was the recipient of three awards for tourism, conservation and the prestigious Gerry Gauntlett Award. Nigel Oakey, CEO Dome, always delivers entertaining presentations but his final speech brought out an emotional side when he reflected on his experiences engaging with the local community and the positive feedback and support received since its opening. A small note of congratulations must also be made to PHA Committee member Dominic Walsh who has been working tirelessly as the organisation’s historian

Helen Munt

Flametree Creative