From Another View: NAIDOC Panel Discussion

From another view - Naidoc.jpg

On 11 July 2019, the State Library of Western Australia in partnership with the Minderoo Foundation hosted a panel to explore how Aboriginal researchers talk about connections to Country and navigate our shared colonial history in these modern times.

Panel Convener:

  • Tammy Prior | Noongar/Yamaji/Nyul Nyul – Minderoo Foundation


  • Dr Shino Konishi | Yawuru | ARC Centre of Excellence and Research Fellow, UWA

  • Donna Oxenham | Malgana | PhD Student, UWA | Researcher – ‘From Another View’

  • Stephen Kinnane | Miriwoong Marda-Marda | Curatorial Team Member – New

  • Museum Project, WA Museum

  • Tui Raven | Yamaji/Noongar | Project Coordinator – ‘From Another View’, SLWA

Dr Shino Konishi discussed the four-year ARC Project she is working on to develop an Indigenous Australian Dictionary of Biography. The main aim of the project is to add 190 new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander biographies to the ADB. She invited nominations of Indigenous Australian individuals. The nomination form is at For questions and to submit completed forms, please contact

Samantha Owen

Flametree Creative